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Please note that newly opened account will be automatically closed after Thirty (30) Calendar Days if it is NOT FUNDED from the time your account has been opened.

There are three (3) ways to fund your account either by (a) Transfer of funds, (b) Online Bills Payment, or (c) by transferring shares of stocks.

a. You may fund or deposit payment to any of our Bank Accounts below.

Payee: Maybank Securities, Inc.

  • Maybank: 00037 - 5037677
  • BDO: 0036-0023-6150
  • BPI: 0011-1830-85
  • UBP: 008-03-0-001452

b. You may fund by BILLS PAYMENT SLIP or ONLINE BILLS PAYMENT through BDO, BPI or Maybank

These are the details that you need to write down in your BILLS PAYMENT SLIP or ONLINE BILLS payment:

Biller/Company Name: Maybank Securities, Inc.
Reference/Subscriber Number: <1000____>
Reference/Subscriber Name: <Your Full Name>

Take a picture or scan your deposit confirmation/slip and email it to

c. You may also fund your account from transferring stocks from other local brokers.

a. Contact the origin broker so that you can transfer your shareholding to Maybank Securities, Inc.

b. Submit all of their requirements for your stock transfer request to be completed.
c. Please email a copy of the stock transfer form with all the details, stamps and signatures to

We will confirm once your stock transfer request has been received by our Operations unit. The electronic transfer usually takes 2-3 days from your original broker to Maybank Securities, Inc.

Please email for wire transfer or remittance information.

We credit the fund to your account within 24 hours upon receipt during trading days. There could be delays if you deposit funds during weekends / holidays depending on your issuing bank.

You can lodge your stock certificate to your Maybank Securities, Inc. account. Before lodging your Stock Certificate, kindly ensure that the name written on the Stock Certificate is the same as the name on your Maybank Securities, Inc account. Also, please make sure that you have signed the back of your Stock Certificate.

a. Go to FORMS page and download Lodgement Form and Signature Card.
b. Fill-out and sign the Lodgement Form and Signature Card.
c. Submit the following to Maybank Securities, Inc. office at 17/F Tower One & Exchange Plaza Ayala Triangle, Ayala Avenue Makati City, Philippines 1226.

  • i. Lodgement Form
  • ii. Signature Card (1 Signature Card per Stock)
  • iii. 2 valid IDs (clear signature)
  • iv. Stock Certificate

You will be charged a Lodgement Fee of Php 330 per stock with an additional Php 50 per certificate of the same stock after the first certificate.

We will send you a notification once Lodgement is successfully processed.

Note: Processing of Lodgement is contingent on the clearing process of Transfer Agent and Philippine Depository and Trust Corporation. Crediting of Stock Certificate may take 3- 4 days.

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